Steve’s work has been praised by some of the leading artists and public intellectuals of our time, including Andrew Sullivan, Oliver Stone, David Mamet, Mark Crispin Miller, Reverend Irene Monroe, Julie Bindel, and others. His accolades include a Writers Guild of America Award for Best News Feature, Commentary or Analysis; a Norman Mailer Fellowship; the Mongerson Award of Distinction for Investigative Reporting presented by Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism; an Emmy for documentary achievement; two Cine Golden Eagles; awards from Vietnam Veterans of America and the Wyoming Historical Society; and fellowships from the Writers Guild of America, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the MacDowell, and Ucross.

Over the course of his career, Steve has written, produced, and/or directed programs for ABC News 20/20, Dan Rather Reports, Nova, Fox, National Geographic Explorer, and the former Court TV series, Anatomy of Crime. Steve’s report for Dan Rather, Did Texas Execute Innocent Men?, is but one example of his fierce commitment to investigative journalism that exposes injustice and corruption in law enforcement and the legal system.

Written And Produced Programs For

Boarder Child
Television Limited Series
BORDER CHILD is a limited series of six hour-long episodes based on the acclaimed novels Border Child and The Iguana Tree by Michel Stone. Key storylines are set in motion by the illegal border crossings of Hector and Lilia Santos, an attractive, hard-working, Mexican couple in their 20s, and the mysterious disappearance of their baby girl during Lilia’s harrowing journey swimming across the Rio Grande to America. Losing their child plunges them into a succession of high-risk adventures on both sides of the border. How will they find her?
The series delves deeply into the border’s shattering impact on the young. As Hector and Lilia struggle to build a new life in South Carolina, they find unexpected allies in a red-blooded farming couple, Lucas and Elizabeth, who adopt them into their family. But when immigration officers show up, Lucas and Elizabeth are faced with an impossible dilemma. BORDER CHILD culminates in Hector and Lilia’s heartbreaking discovery about the fate of their daughter.
The Book Of Matt

The Real Story of the Murder of Mathew Shepard

On the night of October 6, 1998, twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard left a bar with two alleged “strangers,” Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. Eighteen hours later, he was found tied to a log fence, unconscious and barely alive. Overnight, a politically expedient myth took the place of important facts. By the time Matthew died a few days later, his name was synonymous with anti-gay hate. The Book of Matt, first published in 2013, demonstrates that the truth is far more complicated.

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The Book Of Matt New Cover



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